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English is the essential part of our live today! It surrounds people in different countries in their everyday life: movies, manuals, drug descriptions, business and so on. But often it’s not enough to understand the general sense of English text. There is a huge volume of document and materials that should be translated very carefully by real professionals. We can take care of this! Indigo Translation provides a wide range of translation services from/into English. All translations are done by specialists in some specific areas, while the use of CATtolls and well-organized QA system grantees that our clients get high-quality translations in due time.
Indigo Translation provides a full range of translation services from/into Russian. Our advantage is the high qualification, understanding of local contest and comprehensive quality assurance system. Our team includes specialists in different fields: practicing medical officers, financiers, lawyers, engineers in different industries. The Russian translations is one of our main directions, thus, we provide our clients with the best quality in the shortest terms thanks to the well-arranged procedures and teamwork. We widely use CATtolls in our daily tasks. Editing process and QA system ensure that our clients get not just the translation, but the material that meets all their requirements. We are always in search for optimal solutions that will be admired by our customers.
The Ukrainian translations become more popular each day as Ukraine develops and moves to the European standards. Business, legal, technical materials, as well as official, medical documents are now with increasing frequency translated from/into Ukrainian. Indigo Translation provides the translation services for the Ukrainian language in pair with different European and Asian languages. Our advantages are wide experience, professional qualification of our employees, understanding of local content, daily use of CATtools and multi-staged QA system. We are responsible for what we do both in quality and terms. The Ukrainian translation with Indigo Translation is the comprehensive cooperation with our clients and deep processing of the materials to ensure the high-quality results.
The influence of Germany can be seen in all areas of activities in the modern world. You can feel the presence of German culture, whether you are a student, businessman, state officer or just a citizen of your country. Consumer goods production, new technologies, science developments, cultural heritage, medical novelties, as well as the implementation of international standards, work of large business groups and the European Union – all of this is based on the achievements of German-speaking countries.
Indigo Translation is an expert of the German translations. We have wide experience in cross-cultural adaptation of materials for our international clients. Work with the German native speakers, daily use of modern technologies and procedures, such as CAT, QA and DTP tools guarantees the satisfaction of clients with our work.
We all know that Italy is famous for its rich recreation resources, magnificent cultural heritage, high technologies, fashion industry and cuisine. But behind all this success and beauty is the comprehensive work of translators on personal documents for touristic and business trips, technical and financial documents for international projects and experience exchange, equipment manuals, as well as on description of Italian goods technologies. The Italian translations are often highly specialized. Whether we take restaurant services, consumer goods, fashion industry or high technologies, they all require specific qualification of the translators. During years of our work in the Italian translations, we gained extensive database of dictionaries and considerable experience in technical and legal issues. Indigo Translation repeatedly participated and translated large commercial projects and business meetings. Thanks to the cooperation with the qualified specialists, who are Italia-native speakers, use of CATtools and multi-staged QA system we reach the best results to meet the needs of our clients in the Italia translations.
Spanish is the mother tongue for 44 different countries and five hundred million people worldwide. The territory of language coverage is enormous: from Argentina to Equatorial Guinea. Millions of people use Spanish as a second language every day. The wide spread of Spain language causes the high demand for translation services from/into Spanish. The secret of the Spanish language is the fragmentation of existing dialects, which make the language more interesting and unique! However, only experienced specialists and native speakers can take into account all the nuances and local features of source texts. The specialists of Indigo Translation have proved their competence by successful implementation of large international projects in fashion and beauty industries, consumer goods production, high-technologies, tourism, immigration and legal issues. Indigo Translation cooperates with the translators around the world, uses CATtools and comprehensive QA procedures to provide our clients with the best Spanish translations.
Translations from/into Polish are in high demand today thanks to friendly relations, intensive cross-cultural communication and economic cooperation between Poland and Ukraine. The close geographical location provides possibilities for high-speed and effective work with specific subject specialists, who are Polish-native speakers. The qualification of Indigo Translation is based on the deep understanding of cultural contest and wide experience of work in Polish-Ukraine economic and legal environment. The competence of Indigo Translation includes business and culture projects, light and heavy industries, as well as in legal, IT and healthcare spheres. Professionalism of our translators and editors, daily use of CATtools, multi-staged QA system and high level of responsibility for our work make us long-term and reliable partners for our clients.
French is one of the most popular languages in the translation services. The reason for this is that French is an important international language. France is a leading country of Western Europe, the active member of the UN, European Union and NATO. About two hundred million people use the French language in their everyday life. France is famous for the high-technologies, fashion industry, culture, science, tourism. The French people are proud of their language and history. They strongly protect the unique character and richness of the French language. Thus, the French translation should be made by the experienced specialists, who can understand and express its outstanding nature. The competence of Indigo Translation in the Fresh translations covers legal documents, military industry, robotics technology, engineering and other spheres. The implementation of CAT and DTP tools together with strong QA system guarantees the high quality of services and lets our client enjoy the results of our work.

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